Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have a pain free birth?

Although hypnobirthing isn’t pain relief, it can help you to perceive your contractions as less intense. If you use the techniques learned during my course they can help you to have a very manageable or even pain free childbirth.

Will I be awake enough to remember my birth?

Yes, you can become deeply relaxed but remain aware and be an active participant in the birthing process. You can go into and out of the deep relaxation state whenever you wish.

Can a planned medical birth use Hypnobirthing techniques?

Hypnobirthingmind's techniques can be used in every kind of birthing situation. My course comes with all the tools to fully prepare yourself, including a birthing plan in the environment best suited for you and the needs of your baby.

Suppose I need medical intervention?

In the event that medical intervention in the birth is required, the Hypnobirthingmind techniques you'll have learned during the course can help you to be better able to remain relaxed, calm and in control.

What if my midwife isn't familiar with hypnobirthing?

My course birthing plan will involve discussing your options and preferences with your midwife. You'll find they are usually very supportive of your informed choices and birth preferences.

Does it matter if I don’t have a birthing partner?

No, Hypnobirthingmind's techniques are not dependant on having a birthing partner. My course can give you all the skills and confidence to have a great birthing experience with or without a partner present.

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